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Carrie Vallone

CARRIE VALLONE, founder of Molasses Candy, has a fresh, uninhibited approach to design, holding to the belief that art is in all things.  With extensive study and work in the fine arts here and abroad, art has consitently permeated her world.  In 2003, she embarked on a life-changing journey.  She discovered motherhood and with that, the art of graphic design. After a frustrating search for the perfect birth announcement, she hired a local, talented designer to create the perfect custom piece.  A passion ignited for paper, design and typography and soon, she began bringing the same joy to others as that designer brought to her.  And as word of her work spread, she soon established a strong presence in her local community of Houston, Texas. 

Skip ahead to a fall day in 2007.   

While driving around with her daughter and mulling over names for her soon-to-be studio, her daughter's favorite song began to play.   A song about molasses candy.   And so it began... Molasses Candy Paper Design Studio was born.  Today, Carrie and her husband, John, run the company together in Texas, alongside their two kids, Grace and Luca, who are never short of opinions and ideas. Molasses Candy currently focuses on custom design, and all of the pure joy that comes with creativity!

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