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custom . creative . convenient

Molasses Candy is custom made convenient.  That's our goal.  We want everyone to experience the intimacy and creativity of the custom process, all the while making it as simple and efficient as possible to fit our busy lifestyles!


There are several ways to approach a custom design.  It’s all about you, so this is your chance to shine as a designer too.  Many people come to us with very specific ideas.   Others come with no idea what they want and let us run with it. Some people have a specific concept, and then take their photos to fit that concept.  Others come to us with photo(s) already taken- either from a professional or just from their own camera. In this case, we love to let the photo(s) lead the way and dictate our direction.  









Our process is simple...

1) Contact us!

2) Email us your photo(s), and the specifics of what you need (type of party, color schemes, style, etc).

3) We will design and email an initial proof, and from there, we can tweak it to the final product

4) Once approved, we will move into production!

5) If you are in the Houston area, you can pick up your order at our studio.  If you are out of town, we can ship it to you via USPS Priority Mail (usually arriving within 2-3 days of shipment.)

6) Enjoy your designs!

Photo Tips:

Photo quality is directly related to the final product you receive.  PLEASE submit original, uncropped, full-size photos in the largest possble file size. Ideally, we need it to be 1MB or larger.  


Mac Users:

When emailing a photo, make sure to select "actual size" in the mail message before sending.  Email programs tend to compress the files for easier sending, but it can drastically reduce the resolution, and thus the photo quality.


PC Users:

Please use the "attach file" command instead of "insert photo".


Please Note:

If submitting a professional image, you are responsible for obtaining consent from that photographer, as well as relaying information to us on how the photographer should be recognized (if applicable) on the back of the card.

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