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It's that time again!

We are now taking 2023 Holiday Card orders and would love to design a special card for you!

A little word from Carrie on the holidays...  Ho, Ho, Ho, Y'all is a saying that always cracks me up.  Perhaps because it's in part cheesy, perhaps a little cheeky.  I mean, can't you just hear it rolling off the tongues of every stereotypical, big hair, big drawl southern Texas lady?


Or perhaps its just because it adds a little humor into a season that often proves stressful.  If you are anything like me, fall is blindingly busy and tends to accelerate at a pace that seems faster than any other season, most likely due to the fact that you now see Halloween and Christmas catalogues arriving by mail in summer, and holiday lights going up in September. Each season that arrives seems to focus on the next season.  It becomes increasingly important for us, and for our families, to try and slow down.


In my world, the paper world, fall represents the upcoming holiday card season... a season for me that is dominated by creativity and creation.  I love it.  And I work hard to help my clients love it too. Because of this fast pace, holiday cards often bring on feelings of stress and the need to get it done.   All in the mad race to Christmas.  I get it. I'm like that too. But when I look at from it the designer's perspective, the creative process changes that stress for me.  My goal each year is to pay it forward so that my clients can reap the joy from that creativity too, and therefore, have their stress levels drop just a little bit. That's my wish for you... this holiday season and always.

Please note the following important dates, as they may affect your cards.


November 1st

Early Bird gets the Worm!

Special 10% discount for all orders submitted before November 1st. 


December 8th

Cut off date for new orders


All cards are personally designed by Carrie and her time gets increasingly more limited as Christmas approaches, so please contact us early to get started!


To see holiday card designs, click here.


Need Photos?

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